Academic Information

Based upon North Carolina charter school law, each charter school must annually publish specific information on the school’s website.  The two main requirements include:

  1. The School Report Card issued by the State Board of Education for the current year and previous four school years.  Since NCVA opened for SY 2015–16, we do not have 5 years of school report cards to post online; however, we will add these yearly as the school continues operation.
  2. Reach to Achieve reading proficiency figures for the previous school year.

The information below is but one measure of a school’s overall performance as many other metrics are utilized by the State to determine a school’s health. The State also examines operational and financial performance alongside the academic components.  If you have questions regarding the attached documents, do not hesitate to contact the school administration. 

NC School Report Card

Read to Achieve Results

ESSA Updates