Academic Information

Based upon North Carolina charter school law, each charter school must annually publish specific information on the school’s website.  The two main requirements include:

  1. The School Report Card issued by the State Board of Education for the current year and previous four school years.  Since NCVA opened for SY 2015–16, we do not have 5 years of school report cards to post online; however, we will add these yearly as the school continues operation.
  2. Reach to Achieve reading proficiency figures for the previous school year.

The information below is but one measure of a school’s overall performance as many other metrics are utilized by the State to determine a school’s health. The State also examines operational and financial performance alongside the academic components.  If you have questions regarding the attached documents, do not hesitate to contact the school administration. 

School Year - Performance Score/Letter Grade

  • SY2018-2019: D/48
  • SY2017-2018: D/50
  • SY2016-2017: D/44
  • SY2015-2016: D/46

NC School Report Card

Read to Achieve Results

ESSA Updates