Multiple Tiered Systems of Support (MTTS)

North Carolina Virtual Academy

North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA) believes that all students can thrive. To support students who are not making the academic gains or who need to be challenged, the MTSS framework is implemented. MTSS consists of three levels or tiers that are fluid and overlapping. The tiers provide various levels of support to students in terms of duration and intensiveness. The more instructional support that is needed, the higher up on the model the student moves.

At NCVA, teachers implement MTSS utilizing research-based instructional practices; targeted interventions; and curricular enhancements to support students in accomplishing their individual learning goals, including innovative scheduling. Every student is given an opportunity to meet or exceed proficiency standards by teachers utilizing data in an effective and collaborative decision-making process, which results in differentiating instructional practices for all learners.

Students are identified for MTSS through weekly data team meetings and Universal Screening assessments. The MTSS Team will meet to create an individualized plan with a more intensive level of support for identified students. Parents/guardians are a critical part of this plan and will be an active part of the team.

Multiple Tiered Systems of Support Graphic


The first Tier II plan is implemented for 6–8 weeks, at which time the MTSS Team then reviews student data for achievement and growth. If growth is made, the same plan is continued for another 6–8 weeks; but if the student does not make progress, a new Tier II plan is created. If after three Tier II plans have been implemented and not found successful, the student will move to Tier III. If a student does not make growth academically or behaviorally during Tier III, a referral for further specialized testing or evaluation for exceptional children services may be requested and necessary.

A parent may request an initial special education evaluation at any time. North Carolina Virtual Academy Child Find activities include a screening process to determine whether the child should be referred for a full evaluation to determine eligibility for special education and related services (71 Fed. Reg. 46636 (August 14, 2006)).

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