First Grade Curriculum

First Grade at North Carolina Virtual Academy

First grade is an exciting time full of significant milestones. After kindergarten, first graders at North Carolina Virtual Academy are ready to spread their wings. As kindergarteners students learned key concepts about letters and numbers, and now they're on the verge of important "A-ha!" moments when they'll really grasp what they mean to become proficient readers and counters.

Our Quality K12 Courses

The K12 curriculum for North Carolina first graders includes language arts/English, math, science, and history, plus art and music. Hands-on education materials*—such as books and math manipulatives—complement the engaging online lessons.

Integrated Learning

Many of K12's elementary level courses are integrated with one another to help young learners understand concepts from numerous angles. For example, in grade 1, the curriculum kicks off a history program spanning the elementary grades that presents an overview of world history from the Stone Age to the Space Age. First graders learn about ancient cultures in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, India, and China. In their Art course, children learn about the art and architecture of these cultures and create hands-on artworks inspired by what they've learned, such as clay sculptures inspired by the Great Sphinx and a bust of Queen Nefertiti. This integrated instructional design deepens comprehension for greater student success.

Discover Our First Rate, First Grade Education

Learn more about our K12-powered North Carolina first grade program, view the K12 course list,** or try out a sample lesson.

*Course materials vary by course. Please check with us about offline course materials.

**Not all courses on the K12 course list are offered by NCVA. If you have a question about a particular course, please check with us.