Second Grade Curriculum

Second Grade at North Carolina Virtual Academy

Learning is all about making connections in the second grade at North Carolina Virtual Academy. Our North Carolina second graders no longer need to rely solely on personal experiences to learn and grow. When students read a description about a goldfish, they can easily picture it in their mind, unless, of course, they haven't seen one before. But in general, students at this age are better at processing information than before and they're making more subtle connections that let them enjoy things like riddles and puns.

Our Winning Combination: Online and Offline Learning

To harness all the terrific developmental energy of these students, the K12 curriculum for North Carolina's second graders provides highly interactive online lessons with hands-on learning activities to reinforce important concepts using materials delivered to your home.*

For example, in the K12 science course, students learn how scientists understand the world and perform experiments to develop observation and analysis skills. Students study topics such as motion and simple machines, magnetic poles and fields, layers of the earth, the lifecycles of plants and animals, and more. They also explore firsthand how pulleys lift heavy objects, make a temporary magnet and test its strength, and analyze the parts of a flower.

View the K12 course list for descriptions of second grade subjects.**

A New Approach to Second Grade in North Carolina

Learn more about our K12-powered North Carolina second grade program.

*Course materials vary by course. Please check with us about offline course materials.

**Not all courses on the K12 course list are offered by NCVA. If you have a question about a particular course, please check with us.