Middle School

Middle School Curriculum

Middle schoolers at North Carolina Virtual Academy are growing and succeeding in school thanks to our K12-powered online learning program. As part of this program, middle schoolers like yours have access to individually tailored instruction from our state-licensed teachers and the exceptional K12 online curriculum.

Online Curriculum with Hands-On Learning

The K12 curriculum for North Carolina middle school students includes core courses—language arts/English, math, science, and history—as well as art, music, and world languages. The daily lessons come to life with a rich mixture of online and hands-on education materials such as printed books, science equipment, and art supplies, which are sent to your doorstep.* Lessons are followed by assessments, so you can be sure your child is mastering concepts and your teacher can monitor their progress. And built-in planning and progress tools make it easy to stay on track.

Support for Your North Carolina Middle School Student

As in our elementary school program, the Learning Coach (the parent or another responsible adult) provides student support. Because middle schoolers are more independent, the Learning Coach spends about 2 to 4 hours per day helping their student.

Quality Curriculum Meets Personalized Instruction

Would you like to learn more about middle school for North Carolina students? Discover our K12-powered North Carolina Middle School Course List Overview [PDF], view the K12 course list,** or try out these sample lessons.

*Course materials vary by course. Please check with us about offline course materials.

**Not all courses on the K12 course list are offered by NCVA. If you have a question about a particular course, please check with us.