Letter from NCVA Head of School

Dear NCVA Students and Parents,

I am so excited you have chosen to be apart of our school. My name is Marcia Simmons and I officially became the Head of School here at NC Virtual Academy on June 4,2021. I started my career in educaion as a high school history teacher for ten years. I then moved to a position within NC Virtual Public School as an Instructional Director for five years before coming to NC Virtual Academy in 2015 as the Middle school and high school principal.

North CarolinaVirtual Academy (NCVA) is a public charter school using an innovativemodel to provide your child with the best education possible. As a statewide school available to North Carolina students in grades K-12, our unique approach allows us to provide comprehensive curriculum to students tailored by teachers to create an individualized education plan. 

Our goals for this school year are for students  to acheive their highest levels of academic achievment and to build school community. As a memeber of our school, you will collaborate with a team of knowledgeable and experienced highly qualified North Carolina-certified teachers who will work with you to monitor student progress, attendanc eand content mastery while providing professional insight, instruction and support. Members of our student support team will work to help students navigate organizational skills and time mamagement while our administrative  staff is committed to the sucess of  every child in the program through constant monitoring of instruction within classes, engagement of daily lessons, and assessments given to monitor mastery.

We look forward to  a rewarding school year for all and seeing the school's sucess at the end of the year.

Best wishes,

Marcia Simmons HOS 

Marcia Simmmons
NCVA Head of School