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School Performance

Based on North Carolina charter school law, each school must annually publish information on their website, including:

  1. The School Report Card issued by the state Board of Education for the current year and previous four school years. 
  2. Reach to Achieve reading proficiency figures for the previous school year.

The information below is but one measure of a school’s overall performance as the state uses many other metrics to determine a school’s health. The state also examines operational and financial performance along with academics. If you have questions regarding the attached documents, please contact NCVA’s administration. 

School Year with Letter Grade and Performance Score

  • SY2022-2023: C/59
  • SY2021-2022: D/49
  • SY2020-2021: N/A (No performance score/ letter grade due to COVID-19.)
  • SY2019-2020: N/A (No performance score/ letter grade due to COVID-19.)
  • SY2018-2019: D/48
  • SY2017-2018: D/50
  • SY2016-2017: D/44
  • SY2015-2016: D/46

NCVA North Carolina School Report Card

For more information and specific data on our school report card, please visit the North Carolina School Report Cards website by following the link below. 

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