About Our School

Board of Directors

North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA) is governed by a board of directors composed of local community leaders, parents, and educators. The NCVA board is responsible for providing oversight for all aspects of the school, including strategic direction, academics, staffing, vendor management, etc.

A Message from our Board of Directors

The NCVA Board of Directors recognizes the critical role of parents in the education of their children and in the schools. The Board works closely with K12 Stride to develop programs that will promote and support parental involvement in student learning and achievement at school and at home and encourage successful progress toward graduation.  Each parent is encouraged to learn about the educational program, the educational goals and objectives of the school system, and his or her own child’s progress.  The Board also encourages parents to participate in their children’s education and in activities designed by school personnel to involve them, such as parent conferences, in order to foster effective teacher and parent communication. Parents are responsible for cooperating with school employees to facilitate their children’s compliance with Board policies concerning homework, school attendance, and behavior.

The Board is updating their policies to include the rights for parents under the Parent Bill of Rights legislation.  You will find these updates in the  NCVA Student/Parent Handbook soon.

For purposes of this policy, “parent” includes parents, legal guardians, and legal custodians of students who are under 18 years old and who have not been emancipated.

NC Learns Board of Directors Meeting

The board holds a regular meeting on the first Monday of each month at 5:00 PM (ET) via Zoom unless otherwise noted.