Special Services

Child Find and Confidentiality

A free appropriate public education must be available to all children with disabilities. North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA) strives to identify, locate, and evaluate all enrolled children who may have disabilities. Disability, as stated in IDEA, includes such conditions as hearing, visual, speech, or language impairment, specific learning disability, emotional disturbance, cognitive disability, other health or physical impairment, autism, and traumatic brain injury. The process of identifying, locating, and evaluating these children is referred to as Child Find.

Once a child has been identified as having a “suspected disability” or identified as having a disability, NCVA will ask for information about the child such as:

  • How has the suspected disability or identified disability hindered the student’s learning?
  • What has been done, educationally, to address the student’s learning needs?
  • What educational or medical information relative to the suspected disability or identified disability is available to be shared with the school?

This information may be obtained from the student, his or her parents, present or former teachers, therapists, doctors, or from other agencies that have information about the student.

To assist in the local Child Find efforts, NCVA utilizes the available resources including news releases, posters, and brochures. Public notice of special services and programs is made in The News and Observer newspaper. Included below are Child Find documents, which have been posted in highly visible areas within NCVA’s Durham office and are displayed for easy public access in prominent locations.

We are committed to meeting the needs of children with disabilities.