About Our School

Letter from Our Head of School

Dear families,

North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA) is a public charter school using an innovative learning model to provide your child with the best education possible. As a statewide school available to North Carolina students in grades K–12, our unique approach allows us to tailor an individualized education experience for each learner. Integrity is our heart, accountability is our mindset, respect is our language, and excellence is our product.

We aim for students to realize their highest levels of academic achievement and to build school community. Our school programs are designed with these goals in mind. Every student, regardless of their zip code, should have access to an award-winning curriculum and dedicated, highly qualified teachers. Our dedicated North Carolina-licensed teachers will work with you to monitor your student’s progress, attendance, and content mastery while providing professional insight, instruction, and support. Our administrative staff is committed to the success of every child in the program. 

We are proud of our school and believe NCVA is a profoundly worthy choice for families who are interested in getting actively involved in their children’s education. 

Students from all walks of life and anywhere in North Carolina have an opportunity to learn using an amazing curriculum—and the help of a dedicated staff—to put them on the path to college and career readiness while learning post-secondary skills. Welcome to NCVA and let’s partner together for success! 


Katie Gomersall

Katie Gomersall

Head of School