Learning Coach Corner


We are committed to Learning Coach Development. There are many opportunities at the school and national levels for our Learning Coaches to sharpen existing skills and collaborate with other families. As a Learning Coach, you play a key role in your student's educational experience, and we're here to give you the support and tools you need to succeed. Learning Coaches have access to a variety of resources and programming within the Online School. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources, which are specifically designed to help you and your student make the transition to online learning and thrive within our school community.

Some activities include:

  • Learning Coach Speaker Series
  • Learning Coach Social Time/Free Chat
  • Learning Coach Volunteer
  • Regional Parent Groups
  • Learning Support Group
  • Look for announcements and reminders within the Learning Coach Community in the K12 App and monthly newsletters.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have completed enrollment for my child. How do I access the Online School (OLS)?

First, you'll need to create separate accounts: one for the Learning Coach and one for each enrolled student. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to set up those accounts.

Where can I find information regarding courses and any materials that may be shipped?

Log in to your Online School (OLS) Learning Coach account and in "Quick Links" go to "My Info" to find information about course assignments and materials. Please contact the K12 Support Team if you have concerns regarding school provided materials that have been lost, stolen, or damaged at   https://www.help.k12.com/s/submit-a-case or 1-866-512-2273.

How do I locate my student’s ID Number?

Learning Coaches can locate a Student ID in “My Info” under the student’s School tab. Find step by step instructions (here).

If I need help, who should I ask?

Enrolled families have access to a variety of supports and resources from K12 and our school community. Each student is assigned a Student Support Advisor as their first point of contact for non-academic needs. High School Students are also assigned a High School Counselor to assist with schedules and graduation preparation. All academic questions should be addressed to the student’s Homeroom Teacher or Content area instructor. Log into the Student Account in the Online School to identify your student’s team of support personnel.

Contact our school for questions related to:

Academic Needs

  • Classes, coursework, tutoring services, and assessments (Homeroom or Content Teacher)
  • Graduation Requirements and Course assignments (High School Counselor)
  • Reference to Elementary, Middle, and High School Principals/Academic Administrators (AA)
  • School policies

Non-Academic Needs/Student Support Team

  • Year-long Support, New family onboarding and training, assistance with attendance questions, weekly social sessions, monthly check-ins, and more (Student Support Advisor)_wording
  • School-sponsored events and activities (Community Engagement Specialist)
  • Community Resources and Crisis support (Student Resource Coordinator/K-8 Counselors)
  • Attendance Conferences (Student Attendance Specialist)
  • I want to become a Learning Coach Volunteer! Click (here) to register.
  • *Background checks are required. Volunteers must have at least 1 student actively enrolled at NCVA.

Account Maintenance/Office Support Team

Contact the K12 Customer Support Team or call 866.512.2273 for questions related to:

  • Setting up Learning Coach and student accounts in the Online School (OLS)
  • Logging in to and using the OLS
  • Technical assistance accessing Class Connect sessions
  • Technical assistance with K12 computer requirements
  • Questions regarding school-provided materials and equipment (lost, missing, damaged)

How do I enroll an additional student or refer a friend to NCVA?